Continuous sheet -shaped woven and not woven, knitted or stich-bonded fiber. These sheets are flexible and capable of flowing water ( looking like the fabric ). Geotextile separator is used as a fine-grained soil, filter, drainage, soil reinforcement, and erosion control layer.


Retrofitting vertical slope that uses a combination of geogrid and Galvanized WIREMESH as forming a vertical facing arable plant that produces the final form of vertical green walls.


Geocomposite material comprising a core layer made ??of polypropylene / polyethylene and a layer of geotextile filter made of spunbond. The main function of Prefabricated Vertical Drain ( PVD ) is to accelerate the process of pore water flow so that the land consolidation process becomes faster.


a flexible membrane that is designed specifically to reduce water ecosystems pollution due to particularly fine-grained silt off soil due to dredging or reclamation process at the beach or river.


Segmental retaining walls as well as additional reinforcement to the structure of the flyover above. Wall segment not only adds reinforcement, precast segments that are attractive but can add to the aesthetics of the urban landscape.


Erosion is a natural process caused by the forces of water or wind. This is influenced by several factors, such as soil type, plant species and wrecking the land, and can also be accelerated by some human activities that occur in these areas....[Read]


Geoforce Indonesia has made the installation of silt protector on the beach pearl. Because the installation of silt protector is very difficult at certain times,...[Read]


Geosynthetic products consist of geomembrane, geotextile woven, non-woven geotextiles, geogrids, geotube, geocomposite, geoframe, vertical drain, geosynthetic clay liner, silt protector, geobag, geofoam, geonet, geomat, geopipe, gabion, gsrw, and geoanchor....[Read]

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Engineered geosynthetic soil reinforcement is an attractive technology to be developed in Indonesia, since Indonesia is a country prone to natural disasters, especially natural disasters related to the land. We offer a handling problem of landslides and soil improvement which has the power unfavorable includes supply of materials, engineering calculations, and supervision during installation. Client handling process fast and accurate becomes one of the focuses of our services in analyzing the material necessary and appropriate improvements to the land that has poor strength.

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GEOSYNTHETICS CONFERENCE 2016, discuss about "Geosynthetics for Infrastructure Project" or "Geosintetik Untuk Proyek Infrastrukstur" were held: Tuesday, May 10, 2016 At 08:30 to 17:30 pm CENTURY PARK H

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